Beyond Action Trip Registration

Beyond Action Adventures will not disclose personal information such as your name, address, telephone number to any person outside of the company, unless you have authorized us to do so or unless required by law to disclose such information. Furthermore, under no circumstances will Beyond Action Adventures sell or lease or in any other way provide personally identifying information to any third party.

- The provided information are correct, incase of incorrect information the organizer has the right to cancel the registration of that participant

- The participant age is above 18 years

- This is a guided trip, we need to be with the team all the time

- Shoes to be for outdoor and in good condition. High ankle hiking shoes are highly recommended.

- Dress code: wearing modest outdoor/hiking clothes

- Minimum water is 4 L but you might have extra based on your water consumption, usually your body will consume more water during the hike

- Inform organizers before the hike if you didn't sleep well or feeling tired on the hike day

- Inform organizers if you have any allergy, injuries or operation that might affect your experience

- Inform some of your relatives about your joining in such activity so they will be aware

- During the hike you will not have a cellular signal, so inform your family about it so they will not be worried.

- We are following leave no trace policy, so you are keen to preserve nature and minimize the usage of plastic

- Organizers will take pictures that will be post it in social media media or used for marketing purposes, let us know in advance if you are not comfortable about it

- Respect the privacy of all participants while taking photos

- Please adhere to the preventive measures for the Covid-19 pandemic sent to you by the Beyond Action team